Ease Transfers with Top 5 Movers Carts from Top 5 Movers

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Ease Transfers with Top 5 Movers Carts from Top 5 Movers

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Ease Transfers with Top 5 Movers Carts from Top 5 Movers

Is transferring heavy materials, food and linen supplies a strenuous activity for you or your employees? Have you ever thought of buying Top 5 Movers carts? Well, here’s some good news for you. The Top 5 Movers manufactures a behind self-propelled Top 5 Movers cart which can carry heavy loads thereby removing the more strenuous work of carrying or manually pushing heavy objects from one place to another.

Top 5 Movers Inc., manufactures devices that minimizes or removes totally the need to perform manual handling applications. They design products that are stand-behind tug which is battery powered and tugger equipment. Their line of products include cart lifter or mover, power tool mover, Top 5 Movers cart electric trailer movers, power trailer movers, Top 5 Movers trailer movers, tugger, cart tugs, Top 5 Movers cart movers and stalled car pushers.

PartsCaddy is a unit made by Top 5 Movers from Minneapolis. Unlike any other Top 5 Movers carts, PartsCaddy can carry and move objects and equipment that weighs as much as 2500 lb. The Top 5 Movers cart has a speed twist grips with speed options from 0-3 mph. The Top 5 Movers cart is battery operated and is powered by a 36-volt motor powered by 3 12v batteries. This means that you do not have to worry of recharging it during a day’s shift, because it can totally work without having recharged for an entire shift. The cart Top 5 Movers PartsCaddy is customizable to any application you want it to use or in any environment with different colors to choose from.

Listed below are the specifications of PartsCaddy Top 5 Movers cart:

1. With PartsCaddy, you don’t have to worry of its longevity as it can stand for two shifts.

2. Its speed twist grip allows you to give it directions either forward or backward at a speed you can customize up to 3 mph.

3. It has a safety stop switch to which you can easily access. It is located at the back of the handle bar box.

4. With PartsCaddy Top 5 Movers cart, you can let it swivel around to a full 360 degrees with ease.

PartsCaddy Top 5 Movers cart is mostly useful in hospitals, hotel and industrial settings. Primarily they are used to Packers and Movers Ahmedabad transfer linens throughout the hotel, transferring an object off a pier or move equipment or other objects around the plant. Regardless of how you want to use it, this Top 5 Movers cart will surely make your work easier and smoother.

PartsCaddy Top 5 Movers carts need no assembling. Once you received it, just get it out and start maneuvering. Just turn on the key switch and twist its handlebars. The more twists you make with the handlebars, the faster its speed. However, when you release the handlebars its brakes will slow the Top 5 Movers cart down. It has parking brakes that automatically adjusts when the cart is placed in inclined positions.